Kiawah Island is a major tourist attraction in USA, located very close to South Carolina. This island is known for its exotic beaches, lovely marshes etc. Vacationers come and stay here for weeks to relax and enjoy their time. People have bought homes here, where they come to stay during holidays, and at other times, they rent them out to other tourists.

As such, Kiawah Island is a small community with a high cost of living. Since, it sees a lot of people coming all year around for tourism, short holidays or long holidays, many financial institutions have started their businesses. Financial institutions in Kiawah Island include Credit Unions, Home Loan Institutions, and Consumer Banks. Around 28 nationally known financial institutions have branches in Kiawah Island.


State Farm Bank has branch in Kiawah Island. They provide Insurance services, Mutual Fund Investments, Credit Card Services, Gift Cards and other loan services. Their insurance service covers all areas like auto insurance, life insurance etc. They also provide savings accounts, retirement accounts, Financial planning services like 401K, and Education Planning accounts to residents of the island. They provide health insurance also. If you wish to get in touch with an agent of the bank, you can log in to their website with pin code of Kiawah Island. You will get a full list of agents, as well as, address office on the island.

Wachovia is another diversified financial service company with presence on Kiawah Island. They provide retail banking services to residents, take care of wealth management for the rich, deal with corporate and investment banking also. This firm provides, home financing service and auto financing also. With a global presence, tourists visiting the island can access their bank accounts etc.

Lending Tree, online financial services company has been assisting people on Kiawah Island. They provide loans to people and can be contacted online. Entire loan process is made extremely stress free with the help of this company. They make borrowing very easy. They deal in Mortgages, Refinancing, Home Equity Loans, Auto Loans, Credit Cards, Real Estate also.

South Carolina Federal Union provides Savings Account, Checking Account, Debit cards, Credit cards and many other services to residents and visitors on Kiawah Island. They serve the needs of small business also on the island. They have numerous community programmers as well. A huge union with more then 156,000 members, they have about USD 1.6 billion worth assets under management.

Shore bank is another financial institution with presence on Kiawah Island. They provide real estate loans primarily and have many satisfied customers.

As a resident or tourist, one will find many institutions to serve financial needs on Kiawah Island. This ensures that no one has to worry on a holiday. Institutions mentioned above are by no means the only ones or rates as best, they are known far and widely. If you are going to visit the Island, you can look for these or look for few others as well. With help of pin code, you locate a center or agent of your existing bank also on the Kiawah Island.

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