Financial Freedom Through Real Estate Investing

We are here to help you achieve financial freedom by investing in real estate.  We are based out of Denver, Colorado and made up of a small realty group that focuses on rental properties that will have the highest ROI (return on investment).  We’ve helped a number of different clients from individuals looking to solo invest in apartment complexes to individuals wanting to achieve early retirement, while having an alternate source of income.  We hope to inspire and help individuals looking invest in real estate, but might not sure how to go about it.  We’ll cover the process from start to finish to walk you through investing in real estate.  In additional we’ll provide our insight and lessons learned in the hopes you make better informed decisions.


If you are looking to buy a home in the Colorado area there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind. This can be quite intimidating for the first time home buyer. When looking at Colorado homes for sale it is going to helpful if you have the advice of a realtor who really knows the local market well.

1. The first thing that you have to do before you even start looking at buying a house is to make sure that you do everything that you can to improve your credit. Not only will your credit determine whether or not you get a mortgage it will also affect how much you pay in interest. Given the length of a mortgage even a small difference in interest rates can make a huge difference. There are several things that you can do to improve your credit, look into doing these things.

2. Determine how much you can afford for your down payment. In general you are going to have to be able to put at least five percent down but there are programs in place that may make it possible to buy a house with less. Regardless you have to have a plan in place for making the down payment.  Depending where you live you may have to carry extra insurance.

3. Don’t forget the closing costs when you are buying a house. Most people become so focused on saving money for their down payment that they forget that they are also going to need to have money for the closing costs. In general you are going to need to set aside about two percent of the purchase price for closing costs. Again there are ways that you can get around this but you need to make sure that you have a plan in place for dealing with the issue.

4. Before you start looking for a home you are going to want to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. The main reason that you want to do this is because it will let you know how much you can afford to spend. There is little value to looking at houses that you can’t afford. In most cases realtors won’t work with you unless you are pre-qualified because they don’t want to waste their time helping you to find a home only to find out that you can’t get a mortgage.

5. A good realtor is essential if you are a first time home buyer. There is a lot to know about buying a home and the expertise of a realtor can really help. When looking at homes for sale you are going to want the help of somebody who knows the local market which is why you need to make sure that you find a good realtor. You are probably going to invest at least as much time in choosing a realtor as you do in choosing a house.